♥The Girl Behind the Words♫

My name is Elaine. My friends call me Lainey, Dumbo or Pineapple-Grape. <--Long Story.
I'm 15 and currently living in British Columbia, Canada. At the moment I'm on summer vacation but this upcoming September I go into the 10th grade which I'm very excited about. I plan to become a Chemist or a Journalist.
Here are a few things that I love: Computers, Music, Field Hockey, IMVU, Gaiaonline, Roleplaying, Writing.
I also love my family and friends very much because they have influenced me a lot as to what I wish to do with my life. I have 15 best friends and we are all in a group called the S.Fruits. [You can guess what the S means]. I love them dearly and I will indeed hurt anyone back twice as hard if you hurt them.
Those who judge others based on appearances really irritate me. "To judge one based on looks is one of the shallowest things we as man can do." Is what I say.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Let Me Choose

There are days when I just want everyone to shut up. I mean lets face it it's much easier to get people to be quiet than to tune them out and deal with their blabbering. Sometimes I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling wondering what it would feel like to just stay in this room forever and be lost in my thoughts. Be able to decide everything for myself instead of having others telling me they want to this this instead of that or they want to do that instead of this.
It's just tiring to have everyone wanting to give you their opinion on what they think you should do when you haven't asked them for their opinion =\
...Well thats my rant... basically I would just like some free space to go with my own choices and not what other's say...
Whoever reads this thanks for your time...