♥The Girl Behind the Words♫

My name is Elaine. My friends call me Lainey, Dumbo or Pineapple-Grape. <--Long Story.
I'm 15 and currently living in British Columbia, Canada. At the moment I'm on summer vacation but this upcoming September I go into the 10th grade which I'm very excited about. I plan to become a Chemist or a Journalist.
Here are a few things that I love: Computers, Music, Field Hockey, IMVU, Gaiaonline, Roleplaying, Writing.
I also love my family and friends very much because they have influenced me a lot as to what I wish to do with my life. I have 15 best friends and we are all in a group called the S.Fruits. [You can guess what the S means]. I love them dearly and I will indeed hurt anyone back twice as hard if you hurt them.
Those who judge others based on appearances really irritate me. "To judge one based on looks is one of the shallowest things we as man can do." Is what I say.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Seed of Life

We were all born so that we could have a chance at this wonderful thing called life. Yet we undermine it so much. People take the gift of life for granted and use it to their liking. Every human is like a seed. When placed in the right environment and taken care of it will grow, flourish and bloom into a beautiful flower or rise into a majestic tree. Yet when a seed is placed in the wrong environment it may not even get the chance to grow or receive that care that is needed for it to flourish.

We weren't given our bodies to use them for evil. Our bodies aren't tools for killing other people in the hopes of gaining some sick yet twisted self satisfaction. You are given one life and one chance to live it to the fullest then you hear of someone who was selfish enough to end their life because things may not be going well way before they barely started to live it. There are so many parents who would have easily been glad to have that person who committed suicides life to give to their own unborn child who passed away for one reason or another.

So the point of my rant is this. You are given one life and one chance to live it to the fullest. Will you use your life and your body for the good or will you become a bad seed who ends his or her life when someone who is deep in their graves at this moment would have used that life till their time was up.
Life is precious so don't take it for granted.